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To Research, Discover and Deploy Breakthroughs in Physics

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The people and partners of the National Working Group on New Physics are dedicated to:

  • the advancement of humanity's scientific and ethical appreciation of the physics of Nature, 
  • the discovery of new technologies enabling breakthrough propulsion, clean and abundant energy generation, combustion-free transportation, and sustainable material infrastructure, 
  • the wise use of resulting knowledge and tools for the egalitarian well-being of all life, 
  • and to the guidance of all such missions by an Oath for Peaceful Use of Science. 

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We intend to open the frontier of Space.

We believe that it is indeed possible for humanity to reach the stars.

20th Century physics is incomplete. New experiments and credible theories of the nature of matter are in evidence, which give us reason to believe that radical new forms of propulsion are plausible. We seek the discoveries that will lead to the first true star ships, unity energy systems, and a comprehensive understanding of the potential of consciousness.

Every day, we are advancing human knowledge at the leading edge of good science. Are our theories perfect? No. But we believe that we are closer than most to an understanding of significant phenomena of Nature.

The potence of resulting knowledge demands that we ask basic questions of the readiness of fundamental institutions of civilization. The possibility of a coherent ontology appears on the horizon, and there are significant physical, philosophical, and spiritual implications for any serious pursuit of ontology.

What is in store for humanity given an opening of the final frontier? 

What is the trajectory of a species once born into Space?

We ask for the support of the public in this quest.

What we learn will be reported as truthfully as possible on this site.

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